located in Knoxville, Tennessee

convenient to the Emory Road Exit on I-75 North 

   Tony Headrick and K.W. Clayton became "3D Head"  in 1976 when they started airbrushing and custom painting together at Tony's brother Julian's motorcycle shop on Central Ave called the  "Chop Stop". They then went on to airbrush custom vans for Bill Martin at "Volunteer Vans" on Clinton Hw y. and later at "Sunshine Specials" owned by Jim Lee. When the van craze died in the early 1980's "3D Head" had to get real jobs while continuing to keep airbrushing and painting on the side. In 2005 circumstances were right to return to full tme custom airbrushing and painting. 3D Head Custom Paint offers custom motorcycle, car  and truck painting.
     • We only work on one job at a time so your job will normally be in and out of our shop within 14 to 28 working days, unless extensive body is needed which may add to the time required.
• We can take a photo of you vehicle or one like it and design your paint scheme in Photoshop for your approval or modification before we ever start so you know what you are going to get art wise.
• We only give estimates after seeing your vehicle in person and
discussing the entirety of the project with you so please call, text or email and set up a time to come by and visit with us.


3d Head Custom Paint Custom Motorcycle And Car And Truck Painting

3D Head Custom Paint custom motorcycle and car and truck painting